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Amelia Potts

Amelia Rose Potts is a contemporary artist and painter living and working in East London. She studied fashion and textile design at The London College of Fashion.

What inspires your work as an artist?

I like to always be observing what is around me, you might see a really interesting colour combination as you walk down the street. People are also very important. I am really inspired by my friends and the people around me, especially the women in my life. I tend to always be listening to music or watching something when I am creating, it is never silent and I think this plays a big part in my practice as well. Lastly, you also can’t really beat going to a gallery and seeing art up close, it can reinvigorate you.

Who are your biggest influences?

I’m very drawn to colour and energy in a painting. Some of my favourite painters would be Helen Frankenthaler, Henri Matisse, Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko and Cy Twombly. And then on the contemporary side I really admire Tal R, Sophie harding, Andrew Graves, Alice Hartley. The list is endless really.

What does your work mean to you?

It means everything to me really, I find my practice very therapeutic. Of course it can be frustrating at times but when it all just clicks into place there is no better feeling. I want people to feel something when they look at my work, they can interpret it in any way they want.

What techniques do you use?

I am primarily a painter and my favourite medium to work in is acrylic. I work fast and without a plan so I like that it dries so quickly and it stops me from over thinking things. I tend to paint straight from the tube and don’t mix the colours. You can always paint over and start again if you don’t think it’s working. I like to work on stretched canvas and thick cotton paper, I use quite a lot of paint and layer up so I need something that won’t bend and buckle. I like to build up the layers for the backgrounds and for the face itself I would go in and use colour pencil, inks and gouache to add more detail.

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