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David Horgan

David Horgan is a painter and printmaker. Having studied and practiced architecture, David realised his dream to be a full time artist.

What inspires your work as an artist?
I take my inspiration from an amalgamation of every day life and experience that I witness and see unfold, intermingled with popular culture and iconography. Inspiration can come from anything, be it how I see someone put down paint or make a mark, some wall paper, literature, poetry, a dress, a tree, a texture or colour. My wife’s dance moves.
Who are your biggest influences?
I have so many influences, but to keep it contemporary I’d go for Henry Taylor, Chantal Joffe, Danny Fox, Jordy Kerwick and Cassi Namoda.
What does your work mean to you?
The majority of my work is figurative and for me the meaning is in the pursuit of capturing the personality and spirit of my subject in as expressive and playful style as possible. I get a real thrill when I can see a character coming to life and revealing itself.
What techniques do you use?
I am primarily a painter and generally use acrylic. I like the immediacy of it as I love to work fast, expressing brush strokes and blending colours, which I build up in multiple layers. I am also now making mono screen prints which again, I build up in multiple layers working in a spontaneous and unplanned manner.
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