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Mairi Timoney

Mairi Timoney lives and works in Edinburgh. She studied painting at Edinburgh College of Art and at L’École Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg.

What inspires your work as an artist?
I draw inspiration from the natural world around me, interiors and architectural structures which I encounter whilst travelling and in my daily life. The forms and colour combinations give me ideas for new pieces.
Who are your biggest influences?
I love the work of contemporary artists including Evi O, Adrian Wong and Alan fears. And Illustrators like Maggie Stephenson, Moonassi and Kirsten Sims.  My work is also hugely influenced by looking at the work of female filmmakers, musicians and activists who use their passion and drive to positively influence the world.
What does your work mean to you?
My work is a way to process the world around me, I enjoy the way I can take a collection of different experiences, things I’ve seen, things I’ve collected and things I’ve taken photographs of and channel all of this into a painting, piecing these different elements together to construct my own environments.
What techniques do you use?
I use a lot of painting and collage techniques to create a variety of surfaces. I use acrylic paint on MDF or Plywood boards which absorbs the paint really nicely, I can completely saturate the board with many layers of paint or leave some of the wood grain showing through.

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