Phoebe Boddy

Phoebe Boddy is a painter based in London. She studied Fine Arts at Loughborough University.

What inspires your work as an artist?
My main sources of inspiration come from food & flavours; but also feelings & little sayings that are associated with food. I love the idea that through flavour you can be transported to a particular place or memory and I try to achieve that feeling through my paintings. As food is such a relatable subject I hope that everyone can find a connection to it in some way, albeit very different.
Who are your biggest influences?
Rose Wylie is my idol. I am also completely obsessed with the work of Denise Rudolf Frank , Adebayo Bolaji, Erin Armstrong and Jadé Fadojutimi just to name a few. I love bold use of colour, texture and form – in my opinion these Artists nail all of those things.
What does your work mean to you?
Most of my paintings are attached to a particular memory; wether that be a flavour, a particular thought, or an experience – so by putting it out there on canvas I am solidifying that & sharing it. I want people to have a smile on their on face when they experience my paintings, maybe even a little smirk.
What techniques do you use?
For most of my time as a painter I have worked on primed canvas with acrylics, but quite recently I have started to explore on raw canvas and bring in new materials such as oil sticks. This has been really exciting and I think will open up an entire new direction for my practice to develop. I usually have a clear vision when I start a painting, but I also have a tendency to go completely off-piste once I’m into it.
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