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Art of the Shelfie, by @stokey_abode

The power of having all your favourite objects beautifully curated together in your day to day eye-line is not to be under valued. Shelves are much more than just functional storage but instead are a way for us to express ourselves which can evolve and change as easily as we do. You can have real fun with your shelfie and it can work anywhere in your home, even in the tightest of spaces or budgets. And right now, while we’re all stuck indoors, having fun with your shelfie can be a welcome distraction!
Here are a few things to think about….


You would have a pretty dull shelfie if all your items were all the same height and size. Group objects together and play with the different heights,  you can create a more staggered effect giving a good sense of asymmetrical balance which is easy on the eye. I love the effortless grandeur this Bruce McClean piece gives this mantle arrangement.

2. Colour

Be clever with your colour as your shelf can knit your room together It can be as easy as a single item popping to echo another colour in the room or simply be tone on tone like these sophisticated moody blues with this piece of art.

3. Vibe

What is the mood you want to evoke from your shelfie? Create a hero piece like this tranquil poolside print that the other objects can vibe off. Don’t be afraid of mixing across textures, old/new etc , and let your shelfie tell a story.
4. Less is more
In the age of digital this should be an easy one as clutter is a big no no where your shelfie is concerned! Let  your shelfie breath and be selective. Make sure your groups of objects are not suffocating one another but close enough to still work together.  Here, artwork by Iona Stern acts as a strong focal point for this punchy mantel.
5. Style vs Function
Cooking and dining spaces are vital for bringing us together in the heart of the home. Your kitchen/diner can be fun and inspiring by making room for a little art on a shelfie next to everyday items like coffee pots, pretty jars of grains and your favourite crockery. The perfect way to combine style and function.
6. The Multi-story Shelfie

Think diagonal lines… your eye tends to move from one shelf to the next diagonally and recognise related objects along the way giving a sense of pattern and similarity between the shelves. These mini pieces of art work perfectly sync in and complement everything else on the shelves with out overpowering. Absolutely mix up your textures and throw in some foliage to break those hard edges.

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