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Art to Inspire Working From Home

Our homes are the centre of our lives; and now they’ve become our offices, our virtual socialising spaces and where we create and relax.

When home becomes your place of work too, art can help inspire creativity. Discover some ideas to help you carve out a space that works for you.

Wall focus

If you have a desk at home then you can create a permanent space that works for you and the mood you are wanting to create. A blank wall above a desk is a great focal point. Picking a thought provoking piece such as this Mychael Barratt may always prove a welcome distraction.

Look and feel

Whether you’re working at a make shift desk, the sofa or the floor, art can be a great source of inspiration. Carve out a space that works for you by adding personal touches. This will help make the space feel intentional and motivational. Brightening up a blank space with art will lift the mood.

You might be working from your favourite chair with your laptop! A piece of art can really enhance this space and inspire you.


Colours can have a real impact on a creative environment.  They have the power to make you feel stimulated and energised.

Fei Alexeli, Casa Del Sol

Fei Alexeli, Casa Del Sol

Choose orange for energy and concentration

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Anna Marrow, The Lighthouse in Sagres

Anna Marrow, The Lighthouse in Sagres

Choose yellow for positivity and creativity

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Nadia Attura, Open Swim

Nadia Attura, Open Swim

Choose blue for relaxation and well being

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Bruce McLean, Green Garden with Unknown Flower

Bruce McLean, Green Garden with Unknown Flower

Choose green for harmony and stability

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Home schooling 

Motivate your children with a great looking desk to keep them focused.

They don’t come much cooler than this great setup, with musical education thrown in as a bonus with this Martin Grover piece.

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