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At Home With @renovatingthehouse

Discover our collection in the home of Jo @renovating_the_house. We love bringing our collection to the walls of real homes to provide inspiration and tips.

Take a tour of Jo’s house, read our top tips by room and shop the look to create your own artful home.


Our kitchens and dining tables are the hub of our homes; where we gather with family and friends. The walls and shelves in our kitchens can be transformed with art and provide a daily dose of happiness. As we have done here, try hanging a large piece above a dining table to create a focal point, and propping smaller pieces on shelves and countertops to inspire you as you cook, entertain and eat. Styling artwork with books and decorative objects will make it look perfectly at home. Out top tip – when leaning artwork on countertops, choose pieces framed behind glass so any splashes can be wiped clean and keep paintings with no glass at a higher level or hanging.


Living Room 

Living rooms are the perfect room for  showstopper  statement pieces of art. Our advice is to go for a large piece over a sofa or fireplace to instantly transform a blank wall and add wow factor or try a pair as we did in Jo’s living room.

The shelves, sideboards and cosy nooks of your living room are perfect spots to showcase art and create a warm homely feel. Styling art within your collections of treasured possession like this bookshelf will look like it has always been there. A great way to convey laid back chic!


Toilets and bathrooms are often overlooked – but art can instantly elevate this functional space.

We love how even the smallest room can be adorned with art and create an impressive vibe like Jo’s pink bathroom and green cloakroom.

Try a calming piece above the bath like we have done in Jo’s main bathroom and drift away into the view.



What better way to greet your guests and make an instant impression than with a stunning piece fo art. Hallways do not just need to be thoroughfares, they are perfect for hanging art. We love to create an impressive entrance with art as we have done in Jo’s by hanging a vibrant Dawn Beckles over the bench. Try hanging art over or leaning on existing furniture to make the most of space and instantly add personality.

Childrens’ Bedrooms

We love adding art to children’s bedrooms as a first introduction for them to the positive impact of art. Alphabet art is a great starting point and a piece to be treasured forever.

As they get older, having their input to pick pieces of art that make them happy will be sure to keep inspiring them. Jo’s children’s rooms are havens of creativity and visual stimulation and we love how the art adds to this and looks perfectly at home.

Browse more of our collection by room for inspiration to create your own artful home.