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Blank Walls? The Transformative Power of Art

Adding a piece of art to a room can give it a brand new feeling.
You might be considering decorating or moving your furniture around to give your rooms a new lease of life!
Well how about trying a new piece of art instead. Let us help you fill those blank walls.

Art has the power to transform a room, browse our before and after shots to see the impact art can have in your home.


Picking a large piece to fill a wall can create real impact in a room, giving it personality. The blank wall you are filling could be large or it might be a small wall you are filling with a large piece, both will work as these examples show.

2. Colour

Art can transform blank white walls by bringing colour, without the need for paint and dust sheets. Choosing colourful artwork can lift a space and instantly add warmth.

3. Focal Point

Adding art to a room in as a central focal point is a beautiful way to update your space. Pick something you love, that will bring you joy everyday as you look at it.

4. Create a Nook

Hanging art in the corner of a room or in a smaller space can create a special nook. A blank wall here may get overlooked, but embracing these spaces adds personality and creates a homely feel.

5. Create a Calming Mood

The choice of a softer coloured piece can create a calming environment and a little escapism. Softer tones can still be transformative to a blank white wall.

6. Break Up a Dark Wall

Dark and coloured walls can also be transformed with art. A dark wall will instantly be lifted by adding a piece of art. Don’t be afraid to add contrast, white based pieces and white frames look great against a dark backdrop.

Feeling inspired to fill those blank walls? Shop by Style to find that perfect piece.