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Come to Bed with Me

Our bedrooms are the most intimate space in our homes, but more often than not we overlook decorating them for more commonly used rooms. 

Given some love and attention, they can be a place of sanctuary, reflective of our personality.  Whether you prefer a calming environment or to be bold we have some great examples here of how introducing art to your bedroom can transform the space.

A great place to start is above your bed.  A central focal point here can look stunning and is a great spot for a piece that you love. These examples show how this can really set the room off.  Colourful choices don’t have to be overwhelming; they can complement the space.

For an unexpected look, try a corner of the room, or leaning on a bedside table or chest. These unusual placements can be bold and eye catching or subtle as these stunning rooms show.  

Layering leaning artwork amongst your treasured possessions can create a homely, lived-in feel, almost like the chosen piece has always been there.

We love leaning on the floor too. There is no rule book – try experimenting with placement until you find something that works for you.  

Hanging art above bedroom furniture is also a great way to make the most of every wall.

Keeping the piece you choose narrower or the same width as the furniture it hangs above will help create balance and not overwhelm the space.  Don’t worry about matching periods of furniture to styles of art. These are fantastic examples of eclectic combinations.

Experimenting with a gallery wall in a bedroom is a fantastic way to showcase some of your favourite pieces that are a reflection of what you love.

This bold gallery wall cleverly hangs around the bright chest and the colours reflect through the pieces.  Our tip is to start from a central focal point and then work outwards.

The use of colour helps create synergy through the hang, whilst the artworks are completely different in feel and style.  The art you choose within a gallery wall does not have to match.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up with styles and sizes.