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How to Make the Most of Your Hallway

Do you struggle for hallway ideas? An unconventional wall space doesn’t mean you have to compromise what you use it for.⠀⠀

Hallways and staircases are often overlooked as places to hang artwork as they are seen as a passageway or thoroughfare, but they are actually the hardest working areas in our homes.

Buying art you love will furnish your home for a lifetime of enjoyment, and we think that means every possible wall. Discover our top 3 tips on how to make the most of your hallway by adding art.

1. Try a Gallery Wall

Hallways and staircases are the perfect spot for a gallery wall, a great way to transform a blank thoroughfare. These lovely examples show how any size space can be used to showcase your collection and create a homely lived in feel.

Top tip – start small and you can build the gallery wall as your collection grows.

2. Be Bold

If you do have the space, making a statement with a larger piece can instantly turn an otherwise blank walkway into a loved part of your home. These stunning staircases show how a large piece can be a real eye catcher in an unexpected spot. 

3. Optimise Space

If you are tight on space then smaller pieces look great hung above or leaning on existing furniture. Surrounded by your treasured objects, a new piece of art will look instantly at home.

Even the smallest corner can be an eye-catching spot for a piece that will make you smile everyday as you walk past.

Ready to fill those blank hallway walls? Browse our collection of hallway art and make the most out of your hallway.

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