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Lounging With Art, by Erica Murus Co-founder

The thing we did most of last year was staying in and we are set to do much of the same.  As we head into peak snuggle season, the need for comfort, cosiness and calm is reflected even more in our homes. Our living rooms will probably be the most used rooms in our homes; part lounge, part office, part home school, part cinema…

Adding art to your living space can make it feel warm and welcoming, the perfect antidote to the cold and short days.

My top tips to help get you started;

– Buy art because you love it! Try and avoid following trends and don’t be afraid to let the art you pick reflect your personality. You will be looking at the art you hang in your living room every day, so the most important thing is to pick something because you love it, and feel a connection with it.

– Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different genres – just as your furniture may be an eclectic mix of styles, so can your art.

– You don’t need to match your artwork to your colour schemes and furnishings. But being bold isn’t always easy! Soft tones in art can compliment your interiors and are a good place to start and will give you confidence.

Browse our collection in stunning real living rooms for inspiration on how you can add warmth and cosiness with art in your home.

Create a Focal Point 

A large bare wall or space above a fireplace can be daunting and feel very cold. Picking a large piece will instantly transform the space and create a homely lived in atmosphere.

Left to right; Bonnie and Clyde, Maria Rivans


Carve Out a Cosy Nook

Equally a small overlooked nook is the perfect place to add art to create a lived in feel. This may be a corner of a room, a shelf or leaning on a sideboard; this will magically add personality. Try styling loved objects around the art to truly pull off a ‘I have always been here’ vibe.

Feeling inspired to create a cosy atmosphere with art? Fill those blank walls and discover the transformative power art can bring to your living room. Browse our collection and for any extra help we are on hand to help via

Erica x