Refresh Your Home with Art

Now we can go out again, it is time to rediscover the joy of coming home.
Home can now be home again; the place we can relax and entertain.

As we get ready to welcome family and friends back into our homes now is the time to perfect the art of living.

Discover my top 3 tips on how to refresh your home with art.


1. Reclaim your dining area

Our kitchens are the hub of our homes; where we gather with family and friends.
Now we can entertain our loved ones again and reclaim this space back from makeshift office.

The walls and shelves in our kitchens and dining areas are the perfect spots to showcase art and create a warm homely feel.

My top tip – try a still life or botanical in your dining space for the perfect uplifting choice. Artists to discover include; Clare Halifax, Iona Stern, Frankie Thorp, Nadia Attura and Naomi Munuo.

Marcus Aitken




2. Perfect living room style

Living rooms deserve to be adorned with our treasured possessions and showcase the things we love. It is the perfect room for a showstopper piece of art. My advice is to go for a large piece over a sofa or fireplace to instantly transform a blank wall and add wow factor. For large wow pieces try; Marcus Aitken, Bruce McLean, Peter Blake or Dan Baldwin.

Alternately for the brave, a gallery wall above the sofa is a great way to display your collection. Discover my top tips on gallery walls to help you on your way.

3. Make your bedroom a sanctuary

Our bedrooms are the most intimate space in our homes, but more often than not, we overlook decorating them for more commonly used rooms.

Given some love and attention, they can be a place of sanctuary, reflective of our personality. Whether you prefer a calming environment or to be bold, introducing art to your bedroom can transform the space.

Art above the bed is the perfect spot for a large piece, or transform a smaller space above furniture to create a lived-in feel.

My top artists for bedroom art include; Clare Grossman, Nadia Attura, Dawn Beckles, Simone Webb, Bonnie and Clyde and Maria Rivans.


Browse our collection now to perfect the art of living!