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Styling Around Art

We love styling art; leaning it, as an alternative to hanging. When you place art, it becomes an object and part of your treasured possessions. This gives an opportunity for styling around it, to show off the art and make it look perfectly at home.

Now, while we’re still stuck indoors, having fun styling around your art can be a welcome distraction!

Whether it’s a shelf, a mantelpiece or a sideboard, discover our top tips to help you create the perfect surroundings.

1. Layering 

This is the perfect starting point. Gathering possessions to arrange them around the art is the fun bit. You want to add depth and layers so it feels natural and reflects your personality. Lean your art first, and then build around it – making sure you give the piece enough space to show it off.

2. Scale 

Group objects together and play with the different heights,  you can create a more staggered effect giving a good sense of asymmetrical balance which is easy on the eye. Mixing it up is key here as one height will look flat! You want the eye to flow and it to feel natural.

3. Colour 

Be clever with your colours as your styling and choice of objects can pull it all together. It can be as easy as a single item popping to echo another colour in the room or simply be tone on tone.

4. Flow

You can still style around your artwork when hanging it too. By curating a surrounding shelf or mantelpiece you can create synergy and connection to the room, and the artwork will feel instantly at home.

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