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The Art of Living Stylishly

Your living room is where you both relax and entertain.  This space deserves to be adorned with art you want to live with and enjoy.

Try and avoid following trends and don’t be afraid to let the art you pick reflect your personality. Mix and match and experiment with different genres – just as your furniture may be an eclectic mix of styles, so can your art.

There will be a number of great spots in your living room for art, depending on the period and style of your property. Here we will show you some of the best places to start introducing art into your home.

One perfect spot is above your sofa. The mood you create here can really set the tone for this room. Scale here is key as this may be one of the largest walls you have.  Use this space confidently, you will be looking at the piece you hang here every day.

Picking a landscape orientated piece will mirror the dimensions of the sofa, a simple way to create synergy. There are no rules to match colours, art needs to work in its surroundings but does not need to match. 

A fireplace is another great focal point for a statement piece. Traditionally a mirror would be a safe choice above a fireplace, but we would encourage you to pick a piece of art instead.  

Scale can be played around with and a large piece can create impact and draw the gaze of the room. A portrait orientated piece works really well here, reflecting the fireplace and chimney breast.  

Try experimenting with leaning artwork on the mantelpiece. These great examples show how striking a large piece can look leaning. Our homes are filled with personal collections and layering these things around your art can really reflect your style.

Iona Stern, Blue Fez

Iona Stern, Blue Fez

This stylised figurative piece, Blue Fez, by Iona Stern  looks stunning contrasting against the dark interior.

Bruce McLean, Fresh White Spring

Bruce McLean, Fresh White Spring

Here Fresh White Spring, by Bruce McLean  leans beautifully on the mantlepiece. The graphic lines contrast confidently against the period fireplace and the clever styling surrounding it sets it off perfectly.


Sideboards can be bought to life with art; try hanging above them or use the furniture as a leaning spot. We love these examples of how the pieces hung above the furniture at eye level bring character to the room.

It’s great to experiment and place your loved piece in an unexpected spot to showcase it in a unique way. These clever placements can really make the art feel part of its surroundings.

Browse our collection of living room art and find your perfect piece of art.