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The Autumn Edit

We love the start of new season, with Autumn comes the perfect time to create new lovingly curated areas in your home.

Our homes become our sanctuary as the chill sets in and the days get shorter. We are heading into the part of the year we spend the most time within their walls – so now is the time to add art you love.

Here are my tips for the perfect Autumn art refresh.

Erica x

1. Embrace your coloured walls 

You have painted your walls, but that only goes half the way. Both dark and paler tones come to life with art – setting off the backdrop perfectly. Don’t worry about matching colours, but tonal artwork can compliment your room.  Don’t be afraid of white frames against dark walls – this contrast works perfectly.

2. Go for gold

Metallic tones are a great way to add excitement to neutral interiors. A little bit of gold goes a long way to creating a luxe feel in your home. As the longer nights set in, and the heating comes on, creating a nook with a gold artwork will have a wonderful warm luxurious feeling.

3. Create a focal point in your main living space

A new piece of art in your central living space will instantly transform the room. A large wall or room can be intimidating; top tip – go larger scale with the art! Embrace the space and don’t shy away from one large piece that will create an uplifting feeling.

4. Carve out a cosy nook

Our homes are full of overlooked corners. Some of these spots may not be obvious places to hang art, but you probably look at these blank walls more than you think! The wall opposite you as you roll our of bed; the blank wall as you step out the shower; the blank wall above your computer as you search for inspiration. These spots are perfect for mood lifting pieces to brighten up your day and inspire you.

5. Time to tackle a gallery wall!

The sun has gone and you may have a little time to experiment with a gallery wall. A gallery wall is a great way to hang your collection and create an exciting focal point in your home. It is a way to reflect your personality and showcase an eclectic mix of art. Read more of my gallery wall guide to help get you started.

Dawn Beckles, Bearded Lily
simone webb

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