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Top 10 Summer Escape Artworks

The sun is shining and the long evenings stretch out. These feelings can be preserved and enjoyed all year round through art.

Surrounding ourselves with art that reminds of this time of year – our travels, the sea, dining with friends can lift our homes and mood no matter the weather.

Discover our top 10 summer escape artworks and feel the heat all year round!

1. Alfresco Dining

The joy of sharing food and drink with family and friends over an alfresco table can be preserved and enjoyed through art. Capturing these timeless moments and enjoying them daily; the scattered lemons on the dining table, the jug of wine to be enjoyed or the perfect tablescape.

Art can celebrate the joy of sitting around the table with your loved ones and conjure up past happy memories and plans ahead.

2. The Beach

(Noun) A place of relaxation, rest and tranquillity.

Drift into the coastline by picking a piece that conjures memories of an idyllic spot. In the absence of the actual sea outside your living room window, gazing at a beautiful seascape can also be psychologically restorative. The calm of the ocean really can reach you through art.

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3. Tropical Days

Try bringing exotic palms, figs and cacti into your living room and kitchen. Evidence suggests you can even benefit from ‘bathing’ yourself in nature remotely all year round – feel the benefits no matter the weather.

Nadia Attura has a great collection of pieces depicting far flung destinations to dream of visiting.

4. Gone Swimming

Missing that refreshing dip in the pool to cool off from the hard work of sun bathing? Imagine jumping into the pool and then drying off under the heat of the sun…

5. Nostalgia

Images that echo happy memories can be a great way to bring joy into your home. Pick a much-loved holiday place, or a piece that inspires memories of past times, 99 ice cream anyone?

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