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Meet Murus

We are Erica and Rose; art and interior lovers, and the founders of Murus Art. 

Art in any home can be transformative and, for a piece to work, it has to do more than just catch your eye. We appreciate it needs to fit with your home and your lifestyle.


Murus was created with this in mind. There are a lot of complex things about the art world, but we want to make selecting art simple. We have curated a collection of limited edition original prints and unique original pieces from contemporary artists we love. Along with each image,  you will find the tools you need to see how it would fit in your home.


We are proud to be working with both well-established artists and emerging talent whose styles each bring something unique to our collection. There really is a piece of art for every home.

Murus, Erica Davis, Rose O'Shea

Both of our homes are covered in art we love. Our collections are eclectic mixes, built up over time that have evolved and also moved with us.  We want to help others do the same, to build unique collections that say something about them.

We felt passionately that we wanted to bring homes to the forefront of buying art, something we haven’t seen before.  From the outset, solving the dilemma many face when looking to buy art of “what will it look like on my wall” was our goal.

We want all our customers to enjoy exploring the amazing artwork we have on offer, experiment and feel confident to buy things they will love and treasure.  Our Inspire Meis a great place to start for inspiration and tips.

Whether you are starting a collection or adding to the art in your home, we do hope you enjoy shopping with us.


Art Consultation

Adding art to commercial spaces can inspire, make a statement, and create an environment that impresses.  We work with clients directly, as well as architects and interior designers.

We offer consultation, scheme design, and bespoke framing. 

If you have a project in mind, get in touch at