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Inspire Me

Welcome to Murus Inspire Me, where you will discover ideas for transforming your home with art.  

If you need advice on art for a specific room, or if you would like ideas from other people’s homes, you have come to the right place.

Wander through images of inspiring homes, find tips on everything from how to’s to styling ideas. 

If you see something you would like to buy, just click the link. 


The Art of Dark Walls

We love a dark wall. They provide the perfect backdrop for artwork and making a statement.

Sandra Blow, Crystal Gazing

Come to Bed with Me

Our bedrooms are the most intimate space in our homes, but more often than not we overlook decorating them.

Trevor Price, Bottles Pears and the lovers

Dining with Art

Much of the time we spend at home is in and around the kitchen and so a natural place to put artwork.

Maria Rivans, James Jean

The Art of Living

Your living room is where you both relax and entertain.  This space deserves to be adorned with art you want to live with and enjoy.