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4 Tips For Buying Your First Piece of Original Art

Building your first art collection

We want to help make buying your first piece of original art an exciting and rewarding process.

Buying your first piece of original art or building your first collection doesn’t need to be daunting. We have put together our expert top tips to get you started.

Buying a limited edition original print is a great way to start your collection. The pieces are handmade by the artist and are limited in the number available, making them much more “exclusive” than a reproduction print and providing a more affordable way to buy original art.

1. Finding the right style of art

Before you start your collection, get to know what you like and what you don’t.

The most important thing to remember is to buy art because you love it! You will be looking at the art you hang in your home every day, so picking something because you love it and feel a connection with it is the best place to start.

Take your time and do your research. Ask yourself which styles and subjects are you drawn to? Instead of following trends, think about what artwork you want to live with and love. Try browsing by style first to see what catches your eye and you feel a connection to. This may then lead to a particular artist that you are drawn to.

Think about the mood you’re looking for, and this will help you find it. Would you like to create a bright uplifting mood or are you seeking a more calming restorative feel?

Art has the power to transform a room into something new and has the power to make us happy; considering what type of feeling you desire when browsing will help.

Keep in mind;

  • Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles – just as your furniture may be an eclectic mix of styles, so can your art.
  • You don’t need to match your artwork to your colour schemes and furnishings. But being bold isn’t always easy! Soft tones in the art can complement your interiors and are a good place to start and will give you confidence.
  • Try before you buy! Once you find pieces you love, try them out for size virtually through your phone with our ‘View on Your Wall‘ tool. This will help you to visualise how it will look in your home, you can share to get a second opinion, and importantly give you the confidence in your choice.

2. Frame your art

Once you have selected the art you love, framing it well is extremely important; both to enhance the artwork and to preserve and protect it.

Original limited edition prints works on paper and canvases all have framing styles that are designed to enhance them and last a lifetime.

Original artwork deserves to be adorned with a handcrafted frame that sets it off perfectly but does not distract from the art. We have hand-selected the perfect frame choice for each piece in our collection, which you will see as ‘Our Pick’ as you browse.

Our bespoke artwork framing service is provided by For Arts Sake, our trusted partner with over 40 years of experience.

Things to remember;

  • Only certain styles of framing will suit/or be possible with a piece due to the paper, it’s border, or if it is a canvas.
  • Glass should never touch an original artwork as it can lead to moisture damage over time; there should always be a mount or separator.
  • You are more likely to hang your art quickly and enjoy it if you buy it framed. Unframed artwork tends to be left in packaging not being admired!

3. Experiment with placement in different rooms

You may have bought a piece with a particular spot in mind and this could work perfectly.

But, if you hang artwork at home and it doesn’t feel right, move it! Try putting it in different places  – this is normal to experiment to find the right home for it.

You may move things around over time too. As you grow your collection, moving pieces is an exciting way to refresh your walls. As your confidence and collections grow, you might like to try a gallery wall.

Top tips;

  • Large pieces look great as focal points on bare walls; over fireplaces, sofas and dining tables.
  • Try bringing art into your more private spacesbedrooms and bathrooms are the perfect places to create a calming escapist feeling with art.
  • Try leaning art! We are big fans of placing art in unexpected spots, creating a cosy look with your loved possessions.

4. Pay in instalments

Whatever your budget, buying your first piece or adding to your collection can be made more affordable and accessible. Our partnership with Own Art makes it more affordable to buy original art with interest free loans. Own Art makes it achievable to buy exciting contemporary art, spreading the cost out with a responsible secure loan, paid back over 10 monthly equal instalments. You can add multiple pieces to the loan and add framing – up to £2500; making it the perfect way to start or add to your collection.

Explore original artwork to start your collection

Ready to buy your first piece of art or add to your collection?

Browse Artwork by Style to get started, by the style of room or explore unique artwork from our contemporary artists.

Try out the pieces you love as you shop with out ‘View On Your Wall‘ virtual tool. You can even take a picture and share it with others for a second opinion and make that perfect choice.

For a little more help or advice we are also here to help!