Murus Art is now part of the For Arts Sake group

An Artfully Eclectic Home

Art is a great way to create eclectic interiors in your home, styling it an a way that is full of character and totally unique to you. The trick? Combine art with your favourite pieces; ceramics, vases, books and textiles. Discover our top spots for showcasing great style in your homes for all to enjoy.

Shelves are much more than just functional storage but instead are a way for us to express ourselves which can evolve and change as easily as we do. Layering art with crockery and ceramics looks great on kitchen shelves.

This Bruce McLean piece gives this mantle arrangement an effortless grandeur. Grouping objects together and playing with the different heights creates a more staggered effect giving a good sense of asymmetrical balance, enhancing the art.

Every corner has the opportunity to pop – the smallest wall can be transformed with a piece of art. Combined here with the side table styling and mix-matched cushions it has become a very welcoming corner to snuggle.

Sideboards are great places to showcase art and an array of ornaments and objects. Here symmetry in colours between the art and the ceramics keeps the arrangement perfectly balanced and stylish.