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Bringing Our Pop Up Into Your Home

We have all got to know our four walls a bit better recently. If you’ve been staring at a blank wall that needs filling our virtual Pop Up is the perfect opportunity to try before you buy!

With our plans for a Pop Up in London cancelled we decided if you couldn’t come to us, we would bring the Pop Up to you and the walls of your home.

We know how hard it is to visualise what art will look like on your wall at home; with our ‘View On Your Wall’ virtual tool, you can see it on your wall through your phone, take pictures and share with others.

As we prepare our homes for winter, art brings the perfect finishing touches. We have rounded up our top picks and tips from the Pop Up here.

Erica and Rose

1.Make a statement

A new piece of art in your central living space will instantly transform the room. A large wall or room can be intimidating; top tip – go larger scale with the art! Embrace the space and don’t shy away from one large piece that makes a statement.

2. Bring the outside in

Communing with nature is vital for mental health and we can benefit from ‘bathing’ in nature remotely. Art is the perfect way to bring the beauty and calm of nature and fauna into your home; sit back and enjoy the restorative power of art.

3. Armchair staycation 

We may not be able to travel to far flung destinations, or have spontaneous city breaks, but art has the power to transport us away. Picking a piece that conjures memories of trips past or dreams to come is a great way to lift the mood of a room.

4. For the love of the music

Music is a great way to elevate your mood, create atmosphere and provide a little escapism. Picking a piece of art that pays tribute to your musical heroes is sure to keep you smiling.

5. Small change, big impact

You may be short on space, or be looking to brighten up a corner of a room. Small pieces still have the power to make a big impact, instantly changing the feel of a space.

Feeling inspired? Shop our virtual Pop Up to find your perfect piece.