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Aline Gaiad

Aline Gaiad is a London based painter. Aline was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil into a family of artists and collectors. She began her early career as a photojournalist, travelling her home country and developing her photographic eye.

What inspires your work as an artist?

Firstly as an art lover I am tremendously inspired by bold strokes and vivid colours in other people’s work and how their art engages me. This in turn informes my  own work and the direction it takes. Also the physical activity of painting is at the heart of my love for my work. I love being immersed in this atmosphere of “what to do next” and at the constant decision making routine, the rhythm of painting, the textures, the layers of satisfaction and so on. But if I have to name my main inspiration I would say: 43 years of living my life and all the cumulative experience that brings.

Who are your biggest influences?

The first artist I was ever drawn to was Marcos Magalhaes. As a countryman of mine I started admiring his works over 15 years ago and he is still one of my biggest influences. I love Francisco Mendes Moreira, Arsene Welkin, Florence Hutchings, Rosa Roberts and Ralf Kokke, who actually inspired me to add chalk to my practice! And what can I say about Cy Twombly and Milton Avery?

What does your work mean to you?

I am fortunate to have a studio in my home so I am constantly surrounded by my work, it is entwined in my day to day life. Sometimes that means waking up with images in my mind and going straight to my canvas at 6am before dropping my girls off at school. Or it means receiving a comment from my daughters: “Oh mum, I love this painting, you are such a great artist”, which melts every fibre of my being.  I hope my work also means spreading happiness and bringing joy to people’s homes. It means so many things I am unable to count. I have a strong desire to create every single day.

What techniques do you use? 

As I am hungry to paint and progress my work I love the immediacy that acrylics provide. I also use oil sticks, lots of oil pastels and I love to add collage to build up some architecture and add texture and shadows for sub compositions. I am in a phase of introducing chalk into the mix as I love to explore new materials and new ways of adding textures to the paint!

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