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Nadia Attura

Nadia Attura is an artist living and working in South London. She studied Photojournalism Post Grad at The London College of Printing.

What inspires your work as an artist?
A longing, an absolute need to make create, express how I feel; things I have seen or imagined.

Who are your biggest influences?
There are so many artists who’s work I admire, this adapts and changes constantly. 19th Century Botanical illustrators, Orientalism, Gaugin’s colours, The quiet of Hiroshi Sugimoto, modern abstract painters such as Marcus Aitken and Daniela Schweinsberg

What does your work mean to you?
It means quiet, reflection imagined

What techniques do you use?
There are two disciplines in my work photography, which is shot using medium format film and tends to be the seascapes. The Botanical works are my photographs which I collage. Then I paint and draw on paper, slate, wood and combine these elements. I build up scenes, imagined landscapes starting from small details to create a tableau. These take weeks to complete. I work on several at the same time each one feeds into another or sparks an idea for the next one.

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